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Happy Friday Ladies! I hope you are all ready for next week! I’m not **hangs head** but I WILL BE …hahah. Anyway I’vejust been scrampbling to squeeze in last minute holiday orders from the ETSY shop and get them out in time for X-mas so this week has been so hectic

I definitely deserve a nice glass of merlot tonight. Anyway ….I wanted to let you all know as far as personal and family posts I have decided to switch back to my blogger account. IMO blogger is much easier to edit the HTML coding and I just like the format better. I will still keep this wordpress blog for everything to do with the ETSY shop though because I like the fact that I can convert my wordpress to an e-store which is really the reason I chose wordpress from my ETSY shop BLOG. One of my goals for 2016 will be online shopping right from the blog.

But if you want to read my personal posts as far as motherhood, fashion, shopping and of course my YouTube VLOGS then check my personal blog here:

And I just posted a hilarious “VLOG” I found in my phone from my 8 year old!


Tuna Salad | What I Ate Wednesday!

Hey guys! Thank God we are halfway through this we already! No huge post for you today but I did file a “What I Ate Wednesday” and posted it on my YouTube Channel…..

Thank God I tool a video because I was starving by the time i ate lunch and I started eating the salad before I took a pic…OOPS!  Sorry BTW that this video has like the black space and looks so narrow….I was filming vertically with my phone and wasn’t even thinking about it!

Can’t wait to link up and read/watch all your What I ate Wednesday Blogs Posts! If you like the video “like it” & subscribe! …Pretty Please!

Big News

Hey ladies! Happy Monday!

I hope you all had an awesome weekend! We sure did!

Saturday afternoon we grabbed some pizza at Fellini’s in Buckhead which is probably one of the few pizza places in ATL we really like since no one compares to NY/NJ Pizza.

Then we went downtown to Atlantic station and we took the kiddies to Kilwin’s Sweet Shoppe which is amazing!



After Kilwin’s we just walked around and the kids loved the huge Christmas tree and the fake snow machines which I think were really bubbles or soap of some sort. Then church on Sunday followed by brunch at Egg Harbor Cafe (my fave)

All in all a great QT Family weekend …..but what I really wanted to announce is that …..

I just launched my YouTube Channel! WOOT WOOT!  On top of that our family Channel will be launching soon too in the next few weeks.  But for now go check out my personal channel! I’m so excited because I plan on sharing lots of cool new stuff I’m working on for the shop as well as fashion, beauty & mama stuff!

This is my first channel and I posted one video Friday…nothing major just a fashion haul so check it out and show me some love……and subscribe! PRETTY PLEASE!  Sorry the video quality is not that great …..I’m a you tube virgin hahah!

My YouTube Channel


Thanksgiving & Family Loss

Hey cyber friends……as some of you know on November 18th I lost my great-great grandmother at almost 101 years old.  I waited until now to talk about it because of the Thanksgiving holiday and because I was just thinking of the right words to express what I have been feeling .

I was raised around my great-grandmother Carmen (Mama Chu-Chu as we called her) my entire life so it’s really hard knowing that my children won’t be raised knowing her for their whole lives.  I guess at almost 101 years old I almost felt like she would live forever ya know?!?!


So my great-granny Carmen was born in Spain on December 31, 1914……crazy saying that because is over a century ago! Say what?!? She was raised in Colombia & then mostly Panama.  She came to the United States with her daughter (my maternal grandmother) I think in the 40’s….but Im not exactly 100% sure.


She was a 4’10” (maybe even smaller) force to be reckoned with.  Sweet as pie one minute and hell on wheels the next! She could curse like a sailor and be the picture of elegance all at once.  Mama Chu-Chu always made me laugh when she would tell me my Spanish was terrible …..and for the rest of my life I will miss hearing those words.


When I would get in trouble with my grandma or my mom……..she was the one I would run to for comfort.  She had a finished attic apartment and I would sit up there as a little girl and watch movies with her and sew with her and just talk for hours and hours.  All those little things we take for granted as kids are the moments I wish I could go back to sometimes.

My Great-Grandma & Grandma in Panama before they came to the United States


Walking into my grandma’s house this week was such a strange feeling knowing she wasn’t there anymore. I think losing a loved one no matter how old and no matter how long you prepare yourself for it…’s never easy.  The emptiness is inevitable.  I think it’s still not hit me entirely because up until last year she was still walking around and doing things for herself.  Then she fell and broke her hip and once that happens at that age is usually downhill from there.

Last New Years she celebrated her 100th birthday from her bed surrounded by family and she even had champagne! I felt terrible i couldnt make it up to Pennsylvania but I was praying she made it to New Year’s this year so I would be there…..but that wasn’t what happened.

I’m thankful though that my grandma was able to be with her for her last moment and she just fell peacefully into the next life.  We were so blessed to have so many years with her.

5 Generations (back in 2009)

I did thankfully get to share some great time with my family which hasn’t happened in years since we’ve always lived pretty far away and I got lots of great pics with family!




Daddy taking selfies with Antonio
My Baby cousin (well not anymore) Zachary with Antonio


Sofia with her Abuela (my mom)
Sofia on her great-gram’s (my grandma) Piano



One thing I love about my grandma’s house is looking at all the historical & cultural things she has collected throughout the years ….I love seeing old photos and things from Panama …..getting that sense of feeling of where my family comes from since i’ve never been lucky enough to visit there.

My Grandma in a traditional Panamanian Pollera


  Some traditional Molas (Kuna Artwork from Panama)


This painting was actually painted by my great grandmother while she sat in person looking at the ruins at Panamá Viejo


Anywho now that I’ve overloaded you with photos …..I hope you all had an awesome Thanksgiving surrounded by friends and family and remembering the loved ones who have left this life but taking comfort that they are now in paradise!

In Memory of:

Carmen Adelaida DeCastro Ringer





Christmas Wish List

Hey Ya’ll ….So if any of you know in IRL or via facebook or IG or whatever…….than most of you know that a week and a haldf ago we lost my precious great grandmother at almost 101 years old.  This has been very hard for my family even though she lived a long life and we had so many amazing years with her…..the loss of a loved one always hurts.  Luckily because of that I was on bereavement over the Thanksgiving holiday and I was able to get up to Pennsylvania to spend it with my grandma (her daughter).

Hopefully tommorrow I will blog about my sweet angel that went to heaven and our holiday ….I’m just trying to find the right words to say I guess. For now though…. let’s talk about something fun!


So I’ve never been super big about asking for gifts.  Mr. Valentin always buys me super awesome (and expensive) presents for Christmas and birthdays.  Like seriously stuff i would never ask for because of the price…..but he knows I never spoil myself and Im always spending on the babies so I think he likes to spoil me a bit when it comes to that stuff.

But now I’ve become mega obsessed with the iPhone Folios. I really really want one…..Like a nice leather one.

I really love the Louis Vuitton ones but at almost $330 I hate to ask Mr. V for one of those.  This is the one I REALLY REALLY want… if i had to pick…….or if i had my choice this would be my #1….

Louis Vuitton IPhone Folio – Damier Azure


Although I can’t find it anywhere in the Damier Azur Canvas in the 6 plus size…..only the 6😦  They do have the black on in this print for the 6 plus so I’m sure the print I want will be available soon enough …. so maybe I should just wait.

There is a really nice Ted Baker one in Nordstrom …..well on the website for under $50 but they didn’t have it in stock in person so I couldn’t see it yesterday😦  I also like this cute Kate Spade one for just under $80…..and ….well…………….it’s GLITTERY…nuff said!

Buttttttttttttt I really prefer one with a magnetic closure not the velcro or snap ……so maybe I will just go for the Ted Baker one or keep shopping around……or I may just wait until I can really splurge on the LV one.  But really this is the only thing I can think that I really really want


Other than that there are a few other things I would like ….but they can wait …..unless Santa aka Mr. Valentin is feeling extra generous *hint hint*

I would LOVE…..but more so NEED a new blow dryer and I am definitely a loyal ELCHIM lover.  But the one I’ve been using the last 5 years decided to stop working while we were out of town and only Elchim Dryers are hot enough and powerful enough to tame this hair!  If Santa doesnt drop one of these baby’s in front of my tree ….i will be purchasing one ASAP

Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Dryer – $139.99


HMMMM let’s see what else……Oh yes! I’m probably the only one on this planet that does not own a Keurig Machine and I always say I am going to get one and I never do …….so Santa if you’re reading this feel free to get me one of these🙂

Keurig® 2.0 K350 Brewing System – $149.99


Last but not least ……I know this will never happen but wouldn’t it be nice to have one of those commercial moments when you walk out into the driveway and see a big red bow on a new car…..My Toyota probably wont last much longer so 2016 will be my new car year I think……..but I will probably get a Jeep Wrangler or something rugged…..but in my mind I will be driving one of these …..


Hey a girl can dream right?!?!?!?

Can wait to read all your christmas lists too! Be sure to check our ETSY Shop for lots of christmas sales and new products.  You can also vote for me on Top Mommy Blogs by clicking the button in the sidebar🙂


Plush Baby Blanket – Giveaway Winner

Hey Ladies Happy Monday!  Thank you for all who participated in the giveaway for the plush baby blanket.  I have chosen a winner via Random Number Generator and the winner is…….COMMENT #43

PlushBlanketWinner PlushBlanketWinner2

FIONA N you are the winner! Please email me at to claim your prize.

Please all check back as we will do one more super fun giveaway before Christmas!